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Professional & Leadership Development
Accounting, Risk Management & Finance
Super Session

Professional & Leadership Development

Discovering DISC to Build More Effective Work Relationships
Save The Blue Frog: Leadership And Cognitive Learning Via Immersive Multi-Player Games
Radical Resiliency – Steps for Climbing to New Heights Regardless of Life’s Challenges
Looking out for #1 in the Digital Age
Generate Exceptional Motivation and Success
Speak persuasively, not abrasively: skills for difficult conversations
#MeToo: The Brain Science Behind Our Culture
Survive to Thrive: Rewiring Our Brains for Better in an Epidemically Stressed Society
Building the Business Case for an Inclusive Culture
The Chase: Actively Pursuing Career Goals Through Professional Development


Blockchain – Overview of What it is and Practical Applications in Insurance Today and in the Near Future
InsurTech – Buy, Build, Partner. How to Navigate the InsurTech Space
Solutions Implementer – Case Study on How to Engage and win When Using an SI Partner
Data & Analytics
IOT (Wearables)
Core Transformation and the Impact on Customer Experience
State Filing Bottlenecks
Information Security – Latest Trends and Needs

Accounting, Risk Management & Finance

Cut Back on SALT For Your (Financial) Health
Building Alternatives Into Your Investment Strategy
Tax Strategies of the Presidential Candidates and the Impacts on the Insurance Industry.
Investment Accounting Updates
Consolidated Corporations and Tax Sharing Agreements and P&C Tax Update Including a Schedule D Refresher.
Accounting Update
Managing Third Party Risk
Bridging the Talent Gap with Technology: Accounting, Insurance, and Systems and Death and Tax Accounting: Embracing (Half) of Life’s Inevitables
Reporting Update
CECL/Credit Losses: Best Practices and Implementation Hiccups
California Privacy Act Pitfalls and Hurdles
Reinsurance Case Study Analysis Around the Financial Impact of Reinsurance

Super Session

Uncover Your Mission: Success and satisfaction in your life, business, and relationships.